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Mental Game

Do you struggle with ups and downs in competition? Conquer your self-doubt and ring nerves! No one can teach you the mental game better than The Agility Coach.

Agility Development

Are you looking for exciting, challenging handling sequences? Do you need help focusing on your skills? Jump start your training now! For the novice right on up to the world-class competitor.

Professional Coaching

Do you want to be the best you can be? Nothing can replace being mentored by a professional coach and proven international competitor... You deserve to reach your potential.

What people are saying about The Agility Coach...

“If you are really serious about improving in agility, not only your handling and teaching skills but also your mental game; there is nobody in dog training that will be able to help you more than Kathy.”

Credit: Sarah Novak
Kathy’s coaching style has been a very big part of my success in agility. One of her greatest strengths is the  ability to give you the mental tools to push thru your ‘glass ceiling’.