Picture Perfect visualization program


Do you want an edge? More clean runs? Better performance? More confidence? You need to learn how to use visualization! It is the secret weapon of peak performers! In 45 minutes you can become far more effective in your training and competitions! Get Picture Perfect – Visualization Made Easy for Dog Agility!

ADDED BONUS! You also get Visualizing Success, the short pre-competition mp3 audio that you can play on your iPod or mp3 player to get you into your peak performance state!

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Product Description

Yet another first for dog agility! Although it is commonly said that visualization is a key part of peak performance, there is very little material on what it is and how to do it, even for professional athletes, never mind for the agility competitor. The ability to visualize gives you a big advantage in memorizing courses, feeling more confident, learning skills, running at the peak of your ability and many, many other components of performance.

The ability to create pictures in your mind to improve performance has been referred to by philosophers, commanders, competitors and businessmen for centuries. Learn more about the powerful tool of visualizing and how to use it to improve your own performances.

This program includes a downloadable 45 minute audio program for your iPod or MP3 player, an e-book transcript for your notes, and an additional bonus of the audio Visualizing Success!

BONUS: Visualizing Success is an audio gives you a quick confidence boost that you can listen to on your iPod or MP3 player right before you go in the ring!