Secrets of Perfect Timing

Twelve lessons with videos, chalk talks, downloadable lesson notes and exercises, plus questions answered in the comments section by Kathy!

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  • Want a great handler for your dog?
  • Want the trust between you and your dog?
  • Want to...anticipate what your dog is going to do?
  • Want to...react quicker?
  • Want more clear with your cues?
  • Want to...get to handling positions more quickly?
  • Short Accessible Lessons

    Lessons that are concrete, timely, and progressive with equipment and spacing that is possible for almost anyone.

  • Fun Quizzes

    These fun quizzes are short and sweet and let you monitor your own progress. No painful exams here.

  • The Aha Moment

    Timing isn’t just about running faster. Imagine yourself when the lightbulb goes off and you really ‘get’ how to improve your timing.

  • Your Winning Team

    Imagine yourself running smooth and fast regularly, confidently handling your dog and giving him the information he needs with time to spare. Perfect run or not, you will have the winning feeling that comes from a team that clicks.

  • Lifetime Access

    You will have access to the course for as long you need it. Even when the program is updated, you will continue to have access to all the newest material.

  • Incredible Value for You

    Value keeps being added to the course all the time through additional material being added and comments. You get more than your money’s worth.

  • Your Questions Answered

    Your questions are answered by a master coach via the lesson comments. Video coaching is an optional add-on.

  • Self-paced

    Go at your own speed. We know life gets in the way so you don’t need to feel like you’ve fallen behind.


Kathy, I love the course info so far thanks! Also got me thinking and noticing the dog’s commitment to the jump on the start line.

- Angela

Hi Kathy, I love this course! I had a couple of light bulb moments. After taking two seminars with you and also the on line “never forget” course I prided myself with never forgetting and never getting lost any more. What I did not realize up until now was, that I really lost the connection with my dog because I was so preoccupied with the course. Thanks!

- Bridget

Kathy, I just love your sense of humour with the questions in this quiz. I am really enjoying this course. Short, sweet and to the point. Thanks!

- Tricia

This course has made a HUGE difference for me so far! Really, really enjoying the course. Highly recommend it!!!

I am very happy that I am really starting to feel the difference between being present and running with my dog when I am not present and thinking too much about the course.

- Kristi

Hi Kathy, great lessons, I am really enjoying these.

- Patti

By the way, this was a great exercise!!!!!!! For years I’ve been asking “how do you know when you dog is committed? Now I know!

- Cash

Hi Kathy, love your courses! Tried sequences today, simple is not easy!

- Ellen

By the way I am loving this course and have learned so much already!

- Sue

This is a great course! I highly recommend it!

- Beth

I'm loving it!

- Kay

I'm really enjoying this course!

- Laura
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