European Open 2015 – Part 1

We are going to look at one of the sequences from the European Open 2015.

This course had some challenges very typical of what we see in current courses. This is a nice small little sequence that most of you should be able to set up and is quite fun. I’ve taken the sequence (first drill) and then nested some other sequences into the set to give you different challenges that were very typical throughout the competition.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF with the drills.

As you work on these drills, ask for collection early and make sure he never looks at the wrong obstacle. If he does, you know you were late or he doesn’t understand the cue or the behaviour. There are lots of turns in these drills so it is important to be sure your mind is clear and you know the sequence so you have enough ‘brain space’ to read your dog’s intent to commit.

I’ll also be posting a Part 2 as well.

If you are interested in developing your mental game further, THE WINNER’S CIRCLE is closing at midnight on August 12th, 2015, but you still have time to get in. It’s time to have your best year ever!

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